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About Guatemala

Mayan Culture

The Mayan culture is one of the most important civilizations in the history of mankind. At the same time, there are many mysteries and secrets in this civilization. Guatemala offers the opportunity to be part of it and this is where, proudly, it can be said that it is the cradle of the Mayan civilization.

Guatemala has many Mayan archaeological sites that show how they lived back then, about their art, religion and lifestyle.

The Mayans were great scientists and astronomers, they were the creators of the zero in America and their calendar is the most accurate in the whole ancient world.

Guatemala, by far, is the heart of the Mayan world.

Gastronomic Experience in Guatemala

The culinary art in Guatemala is characterized by using many herbs and species native to the region. Guatemala enjoys having an ancenstral, exotic and unique food.

Due to the fusion of cultures that Guatemala has and diverse climates, there is a huge variety of foods depending on the region.
The culinary art is something that teaches a lot about the culture of a country. Many of these meals have been defined by the lifestyle of the locals, such as tamales wrapped in leaves, cacao-based chocolate, and tapado that is a fusion between Mayan and African. Our ancestors have made our food an art.

Our experience

Viajes de Guatemala, has a high experience in national and international tours.

With more than 25 years of experience, Viajes de Guatemala has created unique experiences for our tourists so they can enjoy their stay in Guatemala to the fullest.

With expert guides, first class transportation, unique and privileged places to visit, they make the experience surpass the expectations of tourists.

Guatemala is a destination that offers a diversity of cultures, archaeological experiences, living Mayan culture and nature. Despite being a small country, tourists can experience more than 300 micro-climates, from beaches where we can swim 365 days a year to mountains and volcanoes that exceed 3,500 meters in height.
Guatemala is the country of eternal spring. Our traditions have not been lost through time. The indigenous Mayan culture shows us the life, art, culture and more of its Mayan ancentros.

If you want to live this unique experience, Viajes de Guatemala, makes it a reality.

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