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Interact with Descendant of Mayan Culture

Interact Live with the Mayan Culture in Guatemala descendant !!

Guatemala is known as the heart of the Mayan world because the Mayan empire is in the tropical lowlands of Guatemala. The country can still observe Mayan descendants living traditions and the use of their particular customs and colorful originated from the Spanish conquest.

When you travel to Guatemala, you will be able to see that the cities you visit has its own customs and can distinguish his hometown. Each custom has different color and different design because their styles are inspired by nature. The most impressive is that they are weaven and hand embroidery. Depending on the city, the customs are very colorful and have different shapes. They are symbols of social stratification.

You will be able to appreciate their culture to see parts of the armor of their customs .. You will also be able to interact with them in their food, so the chocolate by hand and tortillas. You will also see how coffee and roasted.

You see how they keep their traditions combine their mystical way with the modern way of real life.

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